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The safest way to build your home.office with the leader in Electricals. Check out our products & categories.

SHIVOM TM electricals are incredibly especially extremely beautiful and fully quality checked.

Our Products

Fans & Appliances

Ceiling Fans, Table/Wall Fans, Fresh Air Fans, All purpose Fans, Pedastal Fans, Ventilation Fans, Exhaust Fans.

Fan Switches

Modular Fan Switch, POP Fan Switch, Plane Fan Switch, Round Fan Switch, Double Door Modular Switch for Wooden Box.

Switches & Accessories

Modular Switches, Penta Type Switches, Holders, Door Bells.

Coolers & Motors

Fiber Body Coolers, Cooler Motors, Cooler Pumps, Cooler Blades.

Geysers & Immersion Rods

Geysers, Immersion Rods, Geyser Elements.

Wires & Cables

Multi Strand Wires, Flexible Wires, Round Cables.

Heating Elements

Heat Convectors, Room Heaters.

PVC Gang Box

Concealed Unbreakable Box, Surface Multi Switch Box, Surface Modular Gang Box, Modular Fan Switch, 16 A Switch Gang Box, Stainless Steel Combined Gang Box.

Electric Irons

Side switch Irons, Light weight Irons, Heavy weight Irons.

MCBs & MCB Boxes

MCBs, SPN MCB Box, Double Door MCB Box, Double Door Gold MCB Box, Metal Modular Box, A/C Box, Main Switch/Change Over, Bus Bar, R/F Switch.

Why buy from us?

All the products of SHIVOM TM electricals are manufactured with utmost focus on quality, durability and long-life. We invest much in research. But we price our products & accessories competitively.
Connecting with SHIVOM TM electricals is farely easy. You can email us, or call us. We will be happy and glad to offer our range of electrical products for your home/office.
If you want to study in detail about all of SHIVOM TM electricals' products and accessories, please download our corporate brochure form here. If you want rates of the products and accessories, please connect with us and we will provide you those at the earliest.